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Prepping for winter storms in the summer

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepping for winter storms in the summer Prepping now can give you less stress later

It’s hard to even think about winter right now in the middle of summer, but we aren’t that far away from the blistering cold and heavy precipitation.  We can’t ever predict when winter storms will start and how bad they will be, but there are plenty of preventative measures that you can work on now with your home or business while the temps are still hot.   

Check your chimney 

Have a chimney cleaning service come and clean out your fireplaces.  Soot and other debris can cause your chimney to get clogged and start a slow burn within the chimney.  This can lead to a major chimney fire.  

Check your furnace 

Similar to having your chimney serviced, you will want to make sure your furnace is cleaned of any debris and in working condition.  Furnace puffbacks are one of the leading causes of smoke damage and fires in the winter.   

Alternative Fuel Sources 

If you have a wood furnace now is the time to start chopping wood for the winter.  You can never have enough wood.  Our winter temps can get well below freezing and having a safe buffer of wood will always help. 

Start working on a snow emergency kit (this will also help during large summer thunderstorms) 

Keep a stash of hand warmers and body warmers that are air activated.  Start purchasing lanterns and flashlights.  A lot of stores have them on sale during the summer months for camping.   

It’s never too early to prep for winter.  Read about our storm procedures here. 

Roof Tarping = Good Quick Fix

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Roof Tarping = Good Quick Fix Roof Tarping is a quick way to prevent further damage to your home or property.

Heavy wind and storms can easily blow roof tiles off, leaving your roof and ceiling at risk for water leaks. This can especially occur during the hurricane season or those strong Pennsylvania winters.  

When this happens, you roof is immediately susceptible to more damage especially if the storm and high winds are continuing.  Roof tarping can be used in these instances.   

Why should I consider roof tarping? 

Roof tarping is a quick and efficient way to patch up your roof.  While not permanent, roof tarping works so that your roof does not suffer further damage from the storm.  This allows you time to work on fixing your roof permanently to prevent future water leaks in your home or business. 

What can happen if I do not use roof tarping in between fixing my roof? 

What may seem like a small problem of missing shingles can quickly turn into a disaster.  Leaving your home or business exposed to the elements can cause water damage leading to mold or worse, structural damage.   Roof tarping may also be required by an insurance agency if you have filed a claim.  

Our SERVPRO team is versed in doing all types of home remediation.  Our highly trained technicians take the appropriate precautions when operating any job so that you can remain stress free.  If you need home repairs, call SERVPRO of West Beaver County today! 

Our Clients are our Community

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Clients are our Community The reviews speak for themselves!

Why SERVPRO of West Beaver County?  We care about you and your home or business.  We know losing your home to disaster and damage can be one of the worst events to have to deal with.  We make it so your home can be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The reviews speak for themselves.  We have over 35 reviews on Google with 5-star ratings.  Just listen to what some of our homeowners have to say. 

“I have hired SERVPRO twice in the past two years and both times Jeff and his employees were professional, meticulous, reliable and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!”  - Yvonne, Gibsonia, Pa 

“Jeff and his team were incredible during a very stressful time, they were efficient and reliable and so great to work with! I would highly recommend them to anyone... I am so grateful for all their help!” - Doreen, Center Twp., Pa 

We also work incredibly close with several area businesses and franchises.  Party City, Huntington Bank, and CVS Pharmacy to name a few.  The Hopewell Municipal Building left us a wonderful review.  

“SERVPRO responded quickly and were spot on with their service! Very professional!” - Hopewell Municipal Building, Hopewell, Pa 

We grateful for the feedback that allows us to grow and continue to help our community.  You can read the rest of our testimonials here

Pittsburgh Storms are Hitting Hard This Summer.

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Pittsburgh Storms are Hitting Hard This Summer. Flooding can cause many issues for your home.

Pittsburgh and the surrounding area have been hit hard with flash floods and heavy rainfall.  According to the National Weather Service, many areas including Beaver and Butler County received almost 7 inches just this past month of June.   Heavy rainfall coupled with high winds can not only cause flooding, but fallen trees and loss of shingles making you prone to roof leaks.  This can lead to severe damage to your home or commercial property.  We know at SERVPRO that no matter how prepared you are disasters can still happen.  That’s why when your home is damaged due to a storm we make it our priority to get on-site to your home or business FAST. 

SERVPRO of West Beaver County can scale our resources by accessing the equipment and personnel of 1,700 Franchises. We can also access Disaster Recovery Teams that specialize in major storms and catastrophic events. 

Firework Safety during the Holidays

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Firework Safety during the Holidays Practice safe firework practices during the Fourth of July!

The 4th of July is a time for celebrating America with family and friends.  With fun colors and zips and zaps, fireworks are a staple of the celebration.  However, proper precautions have to be made in order to have a safe and fun fourth of July.  Use these tips for firework safety! 

  1. Make sure to have a first aid kit or safety kit on hand. 
  1. Have a hose or bucket of water to spray on fireworks that have been used. 
  1. Rogue fireworks can cause major fire damage if they get out of hand.  Have a fire-retardant blanket or fire extinguisher on hand to prevent a fire disaster.  
  1. Have a parent or guardian supervising. 
  1. Always light fireworks outside, never inside.  

If you do suffer from fire damage due to fireworks, read our fire safety tips here, and contact us at (724) 709- 7235.

Piping: Pros and Cons

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Piping: Pros and Cons There are many different piping options to choose from.

Terra Cotta Pipes 

  • Pros:  
    • Environmental Friendly 
    • Does not corrode with high levels of acidic water 
    • Mainly used for outside 
  • Cons: 
    • Clay pipes can crumble due to tree roots 
    • Harder to work with, not light like plastic 

Copper Pipes 

  • Pros: 
    • Long Lasting and Very reliable 
    • Good for indoor and outdoor plumbing 
  • Cons:  
    • Expensive 
    • Some older Homes use lead-based solder, but can be removed.  
    • Lower Temperatures require extra attention in the winter 

Stainless Steel Pipes 

  • Pros:
    • Corrosion Resistant 
  • Cons:
    • Very Expensive 

PVC Pipes 

  • Pros:
    • Does not corrode 
    • Very inexpensive  
    • Good at insulating 
    • Easy to work with 
  • Cons:
    • Can melt and warp in high temperatures 
    • Cannot interchange with metal parts later 

Polybutylene Pipes 

  • Pros:  
    • Inexpensive 
  • Cons:  
    • PB pipes can corrode under certain conditions making your home prone to water leaks. 

Pex Piping 

  • Pros:
    • Heat Resistant 
    • Good for cold and hot water supply 
  • Cons:
    • Manufacturing is not environmentally friendly 

Galvanized Steel 

Used between the 1920’s - 80’s.  Galvanized Steel is easily corrodible that can lead to lead contamination in water.  These pipes should be replaced within your home.  

If you believe your pipes are leading to water damage, give us a call. We will work with you to locate the source and elleviate your home of all water damage. 

Property Management: Tips on owning a second property

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

General Property Management: Tips on owning a second property Simple tips and tricks can help you keep your second property in top shape!

Investing in multiple properties for long term leases or short term rentals is a great way to pull in some extra income.  Unfortunately, rowdy tenants can create more than superficial issues.  Here are tips to keep your rental home top notch. 

Family Groups Only 

If you work in short term rentals, thoroughly vetting who you rent your property to can make a load of difference.  Renting only to family groups can help prevent unnecessary home damage.    

Instructions for Chimney Use 

Operating a fire place can be fairly simply, but every fireplace is different.  Leave clear instructions for you guests on how to operate your individual fireplace.  Make sure to get your chimney cleaned annually, at least.  Rented homes get used and they get used a lot. The amount of soot that your fireplace can accrue on your rented home can be double or triple what you would use in your private home. The last thing you want is a fire brewing in your chimney.  

Winterizing your property appropriately 

If you have invested in a summer home that’s in an area with cold winters, you will need to winterize your home.  If you don’t winterize your home you are at risk for major water damage from burst frozen pipes.  Even worse, since the home is not occupied for a long period of time that water damage could turn into other issues such as intense mold breeding.  Make sure to drain your pipes and set your home at an appropriate temperature (50-55 degrees).   

Unfortunately, we know you can’t predict what every guest will do.  That’s why we are here. From cleaning up from dirty guests to remediating major water damage.  We will make your rental property “Like it never even happened.” 

AH-CHOO! Pollen season is here

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning AH-CHOO! Pollen season is here Does this photo make you want to sneeze just looking at it? If so, you may have pollen allergies!

Watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy throat can only mean one thing.  Pollen season has arrived!   

If allergies got you down, you’re not the only one. Over half of the population claims to have allergy symptoms from mild to severe.  Whether it is mold or ragweed, these allergies can really put a damper on when you are trying to enjoy the warm climate.  

How can you prevent pollen and other allergens from entering your home? 

  • Take a shower after you have been outside or at work all day.  Pollen can easily stick to your clothes. 
  • Clean bed sheets once a week and keep dirty clothes piles to a minimum. 
  • We love our pets, but they are pollen magnet!  Running around in the grass outside can really make your pet a carrier for those pesky allergens.  Wipe your pet off with a wet towel before letting them into the house.  If pollen is really getting to you, wash your pet on a minimum of once a week.  
  • Try and eliminate the source – keep windows closed and don’t go outside unless you have to.  
  • Make sure your air ducts are clean before turning on the a/c.  The air conditioner can just shoot dust and allergens right back into your home.  
  • Vacuum carpets and wipe off furniture whenever possible.   

These tips can really help diminish allergens within your home, but sometimes it’s just not enough.  Work with us on cleaning out your air ducts or giving a grade A cleaning in your home for the spring and summer season. 

What is hoarding and why is it a problem?

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard What is hoarding and why is it a problem? Hoarding can create debilitating property damage.

You’ve seen it on TV, but the truth around this disorder is that it is a harsh reality for a lot of affected individuals.  Hoarding spawns from Obsessive Compulsive and Anxiety disorders, creating a debilitating act of having to hold onto or keep items most people would see as trash.  These items could include newspapers, old food containers, old clothing, photographs, food or even animals.  

Most often, this can lead to dangerous and harmful living situations for the hoarder and anyone who may come in contact with their residence.  These items can create piles and piles of debris that can make it often impossible to walk freely within the home, making the homeowner at risk for injuries.  Old food and containers can cause an increase in unsafe pathogens and toxins that can affect quality of life.  The piles of items can also make a breeding ground for unwanted pests.  

Unfortunately, most situations do not get resolved during the individuals’ lifetime and relatives or landlords can inherit the problems that their family members or tenants have left.  Our trained technicians can work with you on cleaning up what can feel like a lifetime of debris and restore the home to its original condition. 

For more information on hoarding or getting help for yourself or a family member, visit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America website.

Measles in Pittsburgh?

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard Measles in Pittsburgh? There has been at least 5 total cases of the Measles in the Pittsburgh area.

The Allegheny Health Department has confirmed at least 5 businesses in the Pittsburgh area where measles may have come in contact with, states the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

What is the measles?   

According to the CDC Measles, or Rubeola is a highly contagious virus that starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat, followed by a rash that spreads all over the body.   

We rely on vaccines to help reduce the impact of the measles on society, however if not vaccinated you are 90% more likely to be affected by the measles.     

So, what should you do if you think your business has been exposed to the measles? 

Call SERVPRO of West Beaver County immediately at (724) 709- 7235.  SERVPRO of West Beaver County can work with you on fully disinfecting your home and/ or business. Exposure to biological contaminants can pose serious health consequences.  We are trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations.  

Please refer to our Biohazard Emergency Tips - Until Help Arrives Guide and follow these tips to protect yourself and your property. 

For more information on Measles and Vaccination, visit The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.