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Mold in the workplace

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

mold on wall Mold can cause serious health issues for you and your employees.

Having mold in your home can lead to many hazardous side effects, but what about your business?  Mold toxins and spores are just as likely to be in your business property, maybe even more so.  We know your employee’s and customer’s health are your number #1 concern.  That’s why we make sure to use our high quality equipment to make sure your business is rid of mold fast.   

“Jeff and his crew did a fantastic job for our company with the mold remediation and repair of the affected areas. After the french drains were put in and the floors replaced we can now move back into a dry safe office. 
Very easy to work with and reasonable prices, would definitely recommend SERVPRO!”  -Succop Steel 

Do you think you have signs of mold and/ or toxins?  Call us today! 

Damage and Your Business

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

people shaking hands in corporate setting We care about you and your business.

We know it’s extremely important to get back on your feet fast when your business is affected by a disaster.  We work closely with our area businesses to make sure the disaster is remediated quickly and efficiently.   

WillScott Pittsburgh in Moon TWP had a severe fire disaster during the holidays. “Fire destroyed our office the night before Thanksgiving. Jeff and his team worked tirelessly to remediate our building. His staff was polite and professional and took care of all the details, so that we could concentrate on our customers. I would have no qualms about recommending Jeff and the SERVPRO team when in a time of need.” 

We’ve worked closely with Heritage Valley Health Systems in Beaver County, PA. 

“We would highly recommend SERVPRO of West Beaver County and Jeff Krivan. Jeff was responsive and his charges were very reasonable. His crew was friendly and efficient. They guarantee their work. We needed mold remediation in the basement of our office and they did the job! We would not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO to others, just as they were recommended to us!” 

Let us help get your business back to pre-disaster condition.  

Fire Disaster in Steubenville, Ohio

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Flames on black background We're onsite fast to start the remediation process ASAP.

Katie from Steubenville, Ohio had a disastrous house fire.  We were able to respond quickly to get her remediation started.   

“We recently had a house fire and Jeff and his team were quick to the rescue. They immediately started cleaning this disaster of a house. They made sure that every bit of soot was gone. Every day that team from SERVPRO came they thoroughly went over what they were going to do and always asked if we had any questions. Every time I spoke to Jeff and his team they made sure that there wasn't anything else they could do before hanging up the phone or even leaving for the day, and they were driving pretty far to do cleaning and services for our house (Ohio). They seem dedicated to their work and helping others. Let me tell you, it looks even better than it did before the fire. We appreciate it Jeff and team! Thank you!” 

Water Loss and SERVPRO

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water flowing from pipes Working fast to remediate your home flooding!

Flooding and water damage can be a trying property disaster and sometimes you don’t even know where to start.  At SERVPRO we care about your home and business and we know how important it is to be on-site quickly and to start the remediation process. fast.  Unattended water damage can cause a list of issues including mold growth.  We work quickly to get your property back to pre-flood condition.  

Rosanne from Hopewell let us know how we helped: “How can I say enough about this company?  When our toilet sprung a leak, Jeff Krivan was at hour house in a little over an hour to assess the damage and plan his crews work.  Greg worked mostly at our house.  He was very neat, clean, and personable.   He checked in frequently to see if things were drying.  I felt very comfortable with the crew in my home.  When you have a disaster call SERVPRO of West Beaver County!!” 

Mary from Sewickly had a water damage issue and we went out right away.  “Mr. Krivan and his crew were very professional in every way, providing prompt, thorough, quality work. Throughout the process, every worker was kind and empathetic to our concerns. They left our house looking like the disaster had never happened, just as SERVPRO is known to do. I would recommend Jeff Krivan to anyone who needs restoration work.” 

Read about our water damage restoration process here. 

Aftermath of water damage: What to do?

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Blue water dropping into puddle Do you know what to do after damage?

No matter what you do to prepare, sometimes water damage is inevitable.  Not only can property damage cost time and money, the emotional toll can be extremely high.  That’s why we make sure to provide you with the insight and restoration you need to get back on your feet.  After a major storm your home floods.  Now what?  Odds are you have never experienced a major flood before and sometimes you don’t even know where to begin.  We’ll help you with the steps you need to take to start restoring your property ASAP.   

  1. Turn off your power supply.  If it is inaccessible due to water, call an electrician.  Always err on the side of safety.  
  2. Be cautious when entering the flooded area, wear boots and long sleeves and pants.  Flooding can also bring in all types of particulates and sometimes biohazard materials like sewage.  Make sure all of the items affected by the flood are disinfected appropriately.  
  3. If able, remove any furniture or area rugs that have been affected.   
  4. It’s best to contact professionals to clean and restore your property.  SERVPRO of West Beaver County makes sure to get to your home fast and start working on the damage immediately. 
  5. Contact your insurance company.  They will be able to let you know what is covered under your policy.  
  6. We use high quality drying equipment to dry the affected areas. 
  7. Once dry, areas (such as drywall and insulation) may need to be removed.  Wet wall areas can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. 
  8. Once your property is dry, we work to restore your property to its previous condition.   

If you have water damage or flooding, call SERVPRO of West Beaver County for all of your restoration needs. 

Pinhole Leaks: The Silent Killer

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Old corroded piping on a wall Check piping annually for pinhole leaks.

What are pinhole leaks? 

Water damage can come in many different shapes and sizes.  When we think of water damage we normally think of exploding pipes and massive ceiling damage.  However, a common cause of water damage is a leak you can’t really see at all: the pinhole leak.  Pinhole leaks are small holes created by corrosion in your pipes, particularly copper pipes.  The problem with pinhole leaks is that you don’t know the extent of the water damage sometimes until it is too late.   

A small drop of water that is leaking for months can wreak havoc on insulation and other wall materials.  Untreated liquid inside walls is a breeding ground for mold and mildew which can lead to serious health issues.   

It’s best to use preventative measures to check your piping annually, but we know pinhole leaks are hard to spot and don’t typically get found until the damage is done.  We have the best in drying and water restoration equipment.  Let us know how we can help your property.   

Fireplace Tips and Tricks

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

Make sure your fireplace is safe.

Knowing the ins and outs of your fireplace can help in a quick pinch.  Here are some tips to keep your fireplace safe for you and your property. 

  1. Making sure your chimney is cleaned before the season will help greatly.  Soot residue can start hidden fires that can fester in your chimney.  
  2. Using a fireplace screen will help prevent burnt logs from rolling out of your fireplace that can quickly start fires and burn carpet.  
  3. Don’t use any other wood except for wood specifically for fires.  Using painted wood or treated lumber can let in toxic fumes that can be harmful to you and your family.  
  4. It’s best to have a class c extinguisher on hand in case of any fire emergencies.  

No matter the fire, we are here for you.  Please refer to our Fire Damage Tips - Until Help Arrives Guide and follow these tips to protect yourself and your property. 

Hail Damage and Your Property

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Hail can cause considerable damage to your home or business.

What is hail? 

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines hail as: precipitation in the form of small balls or lumps usually consisting of concentric layers of clear ice and compact snow. 

Thunderstorms with high updrafts bring rain drops into freezing temps causing them to form into ice balls I.e. hail.  

Hail Damage can come in many different forms and lead to several different scenarios.  After the storm (provided the area is safe) you should do a property inspection to see if your home has been affected.   

What to look for: 

The obvious sign of hail damage will be actual dents or holes in your property. 

If you notice your roof starting to leak or discoloration in your ceiling your roof could have been damaged, and worse is letting in water that can lead to major water damage.   

Look at your surroundings.  Have you noticed shingles on the ground or other debris in your yard? 

What to do if hail damage has been spotted: 

At SERVPRO we offer roof tarping that be an efficient and quick way to make sure your home does not acquire more damage until your roof is permanently fixed.   

If you notice possible water damage we can assess the situation and let you know the exact steps you need to take next.  

Pollutants in the Workplace: Air Quality

9/2/2019 (Permalink)

Your employees health is a high priority.

There are many different factors that can improve quality of life in a work place.  A clean work environment, a great manager, or even casual Fridays can make great employees work even harder, but there are silent factors that you might not even know exist that can be harming your employees work capacity.  

Air Quality greatly influences the performance as well as the health of your employees. So, what is indoor air quality (IAQ)?  OSHA defines IAQ by how inside air can affect a person's health, comfort, and ability to work.  It can include temperature, humidity, lack of outside air (poor ventilation), mold from water damage, or exposure to other chemicals.   

If your building is hot or stuffy or has a musty smell, your air quality might be lowering productivity and the health of your employees.  You should get your walls and air levels checked immediately if you think this is occurring.   

If there is mold present in your building SERVPRO can help!  We are highly trained in making sure the quality of your building will maintain your employee’s health and safety.  

Keeping customers safe in your business.

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Keeping businesses safe of blood borne pathogens.

Owning a successful business is an incredible achievement.  Whether it’s a local shopping center or a franchise bank they all have one thing in common – clients.  Having a reliable client base can really make your business soar.  Having great customer service and a reliable product is only the half of it.  Clients and consumers like to feel safe in your business property surroundings.   

With restrooms and facilities open to the public, you can’t guarantee what others may or may not do. 

We understand how important your business is to you.  Impressions are a big deal and we want to make sure your company is in the best of shape.   

When a local business contacted us, we made sure their bathroom was clean and free from blood borne pathogens.     

Our team is highly trained in working with biohazard materials that can be potentially hazardous for you and your clients.  We work quickly to clean and sanitize all areas so that you can get back to managing your business.   

SERVPRO of West Beaver County cares about the businesses that make this community thrive.  We understand that closing your doors to biohazard materials can mean losing profit.  We work quickly to minimize this issue as best we can.